How Does ABA Therapy Work?

ABA Therapy teaches individuals how to learn by examining how behavior is affected by the environment. This intervention is commonly used with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). But it can be applied to anyone.

ABA equips individuals who are not currently learning at the same pace as their peers. This is done by modifying the learning environment and adapting it to the individual. Replacement behaviors are also taught to improve one’s ability to access their needs in a functional manner.

Benefits of ABA

ABA therapy works to improve a wide range of skills for individuals with autism and other related learning or developmental disabilities. When an individual receives in-home ABA therapy, there are additional benefits, such as learning in the comfort of their own home and practicing skills across caregivers. Parents have increased opportunities to observe, ask questions and gain hands-on training on the techniques used during the session. ABA therapy has been shown to have the following effects:

And many more!

In addition, the ABA team assists parents and caregivers with addressing challenging behaviors by having a personalized Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) in place. They receive a wealth of training and information that helps them support the child’s progress outside of therapy sessions

Home-Based Therapy:

Why Choose SunRise ABA?

SunRise ABA is a convenient and reliable therapy option because:

Our Services

At SunRise ABA, we provide focused and comprehensive programs to families and their loved ones.

1:1 Direct Therapy & BCBA Supervision

Direct Therapy is provided by a highly trained behavior technician and carefully supervised or monitored by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

During your child’s ABA session, the behavior technician will continuously engage in rapport building where they play with your child to build positive associations with the sessions and the therapist. They will regularly assess your child’s preferences regarding objects or activities and use those motivations to build new skills.

Your BCBA will identify your child’s developmental differences by conducting skills assessments, and will create a customized plan to help them reach their full potential. Our services are provided in person or remotely.

Parent and family training

SunRise ABA provides parents with the tools, training, and information they need to support their child outside of ABA therapy sessions. You receive training based on your needs and insurance regulations, which translates to weekly, bi-weekly, or daily training.

Collaborative support

SunRise ABA understands the importance of collaboration and views progress as a whole. Our Clinicians will work with your other educational and/or health care providers (i.e school, speech therapist, occupational therapist etc.) so your loved one receives wraparound support.